The cradle’s still swingin’!

Hey everyone. Thanks for coming Rockin’ the Cradle #3. What a turn-out! When I arrived to set up, it was a dark and stormy day and the power was out, so it was looking a bit dismal. Fortunately Dirty Dishes have powerful voices and were all ready to play unplugged. Then, just before 1, Shelby Lamb walked in and all the lights came back on. Really! It was amazing. Brunch was wonderful and we had the largest crowd so far.

We finally got the sound the exact right volume so it wouldn’t hurt even the newest baby’s ears, but still sounded fantastic. Thanks to everyone who helped out (Maureen and family), Natasha, Kyle, Amira, Chrissy and Cassandra and the Tranzac gang etc.)

If you missed this show, don’t worry, there is a large chance both dirty Dishes and Shelby Lamb will play again soon.

Stay tuned for info on #4 in April (April 26th, 1-3pm).

The Gnomes will be playing as well as someone else, whom I have not yet confirmed.


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