Shelby Lamb and Dirty Dishes

Rockin’ the Cradle #3 will be on March 29th from 1-3pm. The performers are Shelby Lamb and Dirty Dishes. As usual, it’s PWYC (remembering that Musicians need to eat too;) We try really hard to have the sound low enough for new babies, and it is an all ages event – ages 0-1000. There will be a change table and a musical craft to do. Here’s the poster. Let me know if you have any questions or comments, or if you would like some fliers/ posters to put up.scan0001


More Thanks.

#2 was a success too! Thanks so much to our performers, Bry Webb and Positive Thinking Seminar (Purplater). Thanks to Maureen for manning the shaker table again. Thanks to the Tranzac for having us and cleaning up all the macaroni. Thank you to every one who came!
Sorry about the brunch mix-up. I’ll keep you updates about next month. Shelby Lamb and Dirty Dishes will be playing. I will post the poster tomorrow as well as photos and video from both Rockin’ the Cradle #1 and 2.