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I added two new pages-photos and press. See above. Click on them to see images of our first show and to read the review in Now Magazine!
The next show will be February 22nd and will feature tow bands. Bry Webb isone guy with a guitar (a really awesome guy who can play and sing amazingly), so if you found the last show loud, this one should be better. Positive Thinking Seminar is a group of four well seasoned musicians who play in every style imaginable so I’m not sure exactly what to expect other than goodness! I’ve included a poster I have made below. If you have somewhere you can put one or more, let me know and I can either email it to you, or drop some off. Until I can figure out how to get in to my new special Rockin’ the Cradle e-mail, you can use nomoregarbage [at] live dot com.scan00011

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  1. […] my sister has started up a cool concert series in Toronto called Rockin’ The Cradle, the last Sunday of every month, at the Tranzac Club in Toronto.  They are billing it as an event […]

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